Week one recap – Whole30


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Well I made it through the first week without giving up!  Below is a general breakdown of the days.

Day 1 {10/6/13} – wasn’t bad at all. I really did feel rather empowered making healthy choices all day.

Days 2 & 3 {10/7-10/8} – ooohhhhhh why must you do this to me body?! I woke up with the WORST hangover headache I’ve ever felt on Day 2. My entire head felt like it was going to explode – my eyes would pop out the front while my brain flew out the back of my skull simultaneously. I had to leave work early and go lay down and try to sleep it off.  By Day 3 it had lessened to a dull roar, more of an annoyance than anything. I still felt very tired and weak, wishing the headache would go away.

Days 4 & 5 {10/9-10/10} – Day 4 – I feel OK today, really tired still. I actually don’t feel like I want to Kill ALL the things, but I laughed when I read this description because I can see why it’s applicable to this part of the program. I have been tempted the last few days with unhealthy foods…yesterday my dept at work bought pizza for everyone for lunch, and today the cafeteria is offering free cake and punch to everyone. Not to mention the cupcakes my manager brought in to say farewell to a co-worker whose last day is Friday.

Day 5 – no more headache but still pretty tired. I REALLY would just LOVE to have some eggs and salsa. I’m shaking my fist at this whole autoimmune protocol side of the Whole30 right now with the no eggs and no nightshades. But I know it’s for the best.

Alright, it’s later in the day and NOW I want to Kill ALL the things!!!! All this week there has been some food or another in the office to tempt me and drive me batty cuz I know it tastes good but it’s a no-no food. There is a table full of cookies, cupcakes, and chips with salsa. :::siiigggghhhh::: I want all of it. And as I have been avoiding those things all day I looked over on my desk after I put some lotion on and saw my chewing gum sitting there and grabbed the container, and then put it back down. I had to restrain myself from throwing it. Super irritated right now! Sort of funny, but mostly not.

Day 6 {10/11} – I keep wondering when my energy will be back, I want to go to the gym, but it wouldn’t be worth the effort to go since I don’t feel like I’d do much anyway. I don’t feel hungry between meals much anymore, so I think I have adjusted nicely to the “no snacking” thing.

Day 7 {10/12} – Not much of a change since yesterday.

Welcome to the AIP Whole 30


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Well on Friday I decided to just go ahead and dive in to getting this show on the road.  I haven’t finished the book yet, but I’ve read enough in there to know what to not eat.  Couple that with the info on their website and I was ready to go, I was tired of waiting. Since I have Hashi’s, I opted to do the autoimmune protocol version of the program.

So I did my shopping Friday, and some Saturday as I had to go to more than 1 store to get everything I wanted for the meals I wanted to make this week. And I got started on Sunday ^_^. My goodness am I feeling it today already!!!

I cooked ahead some meals this weekend. For breakfasts I made Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash, which turned out amazing. I made Garlic Flank Steak with Garlic-Ginger Brussel Sprouts for dinner/lunch.  And I am brining some turkey legs since yesterday that I am going to season roast in the oven tonight for dinner and to use for some lunch-y lettuce wraps for tomorrow and Wednesday.

I woke up feeling rather run down and very thirsty.  And I have a headache that has been progressing all morning. I knew this would be coming, I just didn’t think my body would freak out so quickly.  Not to mention it’s dark and rainy today.

Update:  After leaving work early I did go home and go to bed, until the furbaby let me know she had to go outside and it was her dinner time :).  Then I made dinner and ate, and went back to bed.

Roast Turkey Legs

Roast Turkey Legs

Dinner was AMAZING for my day 2!!!  Roast Turkey legs and steamed broccoli with coconut oil and sea salt.  The spices on the turkey really soaked into the meat (I had cut pockets under the skin to shove the avocado oil and spices under and then rubbed some on top of the skin), and coconut oil on broccoli gives it a really nice flavor.  I thought I was going to miss the butter, but nope! I’m so glad I have more turkey for my lunch wraps!

Here I am, again.


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I know, I know….I’m a bit finicky. I come, I write for a few weeks, then I disappear again!! What is WITH that?! ^_^

I must admit, it has always been a struggle for me to stay committed to health and fitness.  I let silly things get in the way of my progress. Maybe I’m afraid to be 100% healthy, and back in shape…?  It’s always something, stress from work, wanting to go out and be social without being the “weird one” not eating or drinking because I’m on a special diet, or I just want to pig out and I don’t care if I get bloated and uncomfortable from eating 3 pieces of pizza. O_O

But something has GOT to give already!!!! I’m done. I’m tired of being so bloated! The last 2 months I have been just eating whatever I wanted, and not exercising regularly anymore.  After work today, I’m going to Barnes and Nobles and picking up It All Starts with Food.  

I’m ready to get ahold of my eating habits, and might even do more than one “cycle” of it, to make sure I form better eating habits.  I’m really excited about this decision, but mad that I had to gain back 20lbs while I lost my head for the last 2 months -_-. Why do I do this to myself?!?!  Ok, I’m done ranting now :).

I will be posting my journey through this program here as much as I can, but I will be updating on my FB page as well – The “New Me” Body Revolution .  I hope to see you there!  I’d love any support and to share my experience with anyone else doing the program as well.

Holy Moly!!!!


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Figured I’d do an update on my journey! I’m now in week 7 of Insanity, and I honestly can’t believe how far I’ve come!!! I inserted a progress pic, which is only slightly embarrassing. :-/ haha It’s from a few days ago, but you get the idea. I’m about 4 lbs lighter as of this morning…it’s crazy!!

Just a few short months ago, I was super sluggish,, just barely climbing out of my thyroid fog and getting normalized. And today, I’m almost 30 lbs lighter and closing in on finishing Insanity. I really can’t wait to start Les Mills Combat on June 9th, I actually just ordered the gloves the other day and they should be here this weekend. 🙂

I also started running again. I’m training to do the Warrior Dash in September, the Zombie Run in October, and the Tough Mudder in October as well. Who would have thought – ME of all people – would be running 5k and further?!?! Not I!!!  I haven’t ever run more than 3 miles at once, and to tell myself that I’m actually training to run a 10-12 mile obstacle course is really just mind boggling to me. I did my first run last night: 5 minute warm up walk, ran 1 mile, 1/4 mile walk, ran 1 more mile. I feel super excited about this. 🙂

26 lbs in 2 months!!

26 lbs in 2 months!!

Insanity Week #1


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Well, today will be the last day before my rest day tomorrow. I will be working out after work later on, but I am exhausted from this week! Not necessarily all due to working out, just in general. I have been staying up until almost 10 or a little after every day and I get up around 4:30am. I don’t feel tired at night, which I guess is a good thing, but 4:30 comes quickly! lol

I’ll be fine once I get home and take my pre-workout supplement to get myself in the mindset to workout. I just dislike being sleepy during the day. And this rainy weather today is NOT helping! It’s definitely “lay in bed and watch movies all day” weather. >_

I have been doing well with the workouts. I can’t keep up 100% through the workout, but I am surprised at how well I am doing. I haven’t lost everything I gained during my first round which I am so glad about. But frequents rests are needed of course.

My diet hasn’t changed much since I finished the Ultimate Reset either. I still eat clean, for the most part. I have had the occasional gluten-free muffin or bread product, and I did have a small piece of fudge lol, but I have been very good about what I am eating. My insides feel so good!! Despite getting a smoothie from Smoothie King that I didn’t know had skim milk in it…it gave me a stomach ache within 10 minutes, I couldn’t even drink it all. So I have stepped up my investigative skills to be more careful before I order/buy any food from anywhere. I have a feeling my casein/dairy intolerance will react worse since I have cleared it out of my diet. Which is fine – I have discovered Daiya products and it tasted exactly like cheese…texture and all!

Rest day cannot come soon enough!! Even though it won’t be a complete rest day. I will still be going to the gym for my full body lifting day. #teamnodaysoff baby!! 🙂

Chomping at the bit


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Copied from my Team BeachBody blog posted on April 3, 2012.

I’m itchin to get started with Insanity!!!! Come oooonnnnnnnn Sunday!!! lol. I don’t mind using equipment at the gym, I’ve been using the arc trainer to burn some serious calories in 30-45 minutes a day, but I’m just ready to get going already!!!

I’m pretty sure I’ll gain weight this week, considering during the cleanse it was very low-calorie even though I felt like I was eating a TON of food, and now I’m eating a more normal 1300-1800 cals a day with exercise. I’m not concerned though, it will be water weight. I’m still drinking my 9-12 glasses of water a day though. If I drink less I feel dehydrated. I also have not gone back to drinking soda or juice. It’s water all day long and I’m really proud of that. I have tea occasionally.

I need to go through the Insanity meal plan and start planning out meals and get my mind back to planning meals and meal prep work so I keep up. I also need to recalculate my calorie needs for the program. I know I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what I should be eating until almost half way through when I decided to calculate with their nutrition book and started to lose weight again. This is a complete fat kid statement, but: I can’t wait to start Insanity also because I can eat more!! hahaha  I love food! But it will be healthy foods. 🙂

Also, something neat, I started taking daily photos of myself to make a flipbook video of my fitness transformation. I can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end, it will be amazing for sure considering how far I have to go yet. Talk about motivation!

Post-Reset Progress


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Copied from my TeamBeachbody Blog posted on April 2, 2013.

I am now 3 days post Reset and am doing ..alright.  LOL!  We went to a friend’s house for dinner last night and I ate a bunch of junk food. Meaning I had a small flour tortilla, cheese, a little sour cream…a piece of chocolate cake…GASP!! smh..I paid for it with a stomach ache though. bla.

Part of it was I didn’t want to be rude and go for dinner and not eat anything. I’ve been doing well otherwise though. I am going to be getting on a new thyroid medication that actually JUST got released yesterday called Westhroid-P – it’s the only NDT on the market with only 2 inactive ingredients and is completely hypoallergenic. Meaning NO corn/soy/gluten/dairy ingredients!! My pharmacy had to order it and I should have it today, and should start taking it tomorrow!!! Armour Thyroid has all kinds of junk fillers in it, especially cellulose which can inhibit absorption of the thyroid hormone.

I’ve been going to the gym and doing pretty well, getting myself ready and primed for Insanity to start this weekend – Sunday is the day! I’m ready. 🙂

End of Ultimate Reset Review


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Copied from my Team BeachBody Blog posted on March 31, 2013.

I finished the Reset as of yesterday. WAAAHHOOOOOO!!! 🙂  While the experience was great to have done, I am glad it’s completed finally.

Final Stats:

Weight – 15.2 lbs GONE!!
Body Fat – down from 42% to 39.8%
Inches – 22 1/4″ melted away forever!

I’m really pleased with the numbers since I didn’t do this for weight loss reasons at all. Also considering I have autoimmune thyroid disease which makes it very difficult to lose weight to begin with! I’ve learned a TON about nutrition, and even that all veggie meals can be delicious and satisfying. That there is something I never would have thought. I mean, I loved veggies to begin with. Never before had I had a full meal of veggies though and think I would feel full and satisfied. It’s great!!

There were some meals I didn’t quite care for, I didn’t even attempt the cucumber-avocado soup. That just doesn’t sound appetizing at all lol. But the majority was great. Having so much salad got really boring too. When I re-do this in September/October though, I’ll be more prepared for it!

Ultimate Reset – day 17 & 18


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Copied from my Team BeachBody Blog posted on March 27, 2013.

Not much else to report really. I’m glad to be in the home stretch!!!  I went out for dinner last night since we hadn’t gone out since starting this Reset. We went to a Japanese Cuisine place with a group of people. I stuck to Miso Soup and got the Vegetable Roll special with a small House Salad with their Ginger Sauce dressing. It came with a cucumber roll, avocado roll, and a vegan roll that had 3 veggies in it and avocado. It was so good!!  I didn’t eat all of my rolls, so I brought the leftovers for lunch today at work.  I can’t wait to go back to this place and try some real sushi since I’ve never had it before. Their spicy tuna rolls looked really good.

It took them a long time to make our group’s food so we were there for 2 1/2 hours and I didn’t get to be until almost 10 last night. Having to get up at 4:30 to get ready for work makes me a very tired girl this morning! But I’m OK. 🙂 I see an early night for me tonight though!

I’m trying to keep myself pumped up about starting Insanity really soon as well. I’m not sure what I will do after that – maybe Body Combat, or I was thinking of ordering Body Beast to add some muscle on my frame to help shred this fat off faster since muscle kills fat…YES! lol

Something I am mentally struggling with is how to eat after this. I understand reintroducing foods back in gradually – but what about amping up calories to support working out? My stomach can’t handle a ton of calories as it is anymore from this cleanse. I suppose I will have to get creative with adding in calories by using oils and such to load calories in what I eat. I don’t know, I suppose I will figure it out. Or add frequent snacks in there. I plan to stay veggie heavy to fill up my meals and light on animal products/meat because I have been feeling really good not eating meat, but I don’t want to not ever eat it again. I love seafood too much! When I did Insanity last year I was eating 2400+ cals a day to keep my energy up and keep losing weight. With this Reset I’m barely breaking over 1000 a day. O_O

Reset Day 16


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Copied from my Team BeachBody Blog posted on March 25, 2013.

I just caught myself craving something I never would have thought I would before: the Roasted Kabocha Squash with Garlic-Tahini filling!! The day has arrived where I crave food that isn’t processed or packaged in any way. And not even that – it’s a completely Vegetarian meal!!  Vegan even…I’m sort of amazed considering I have been wanting meat since we stopped eating it lol! That doesn’t mean I’m not wishing I didn’t have to eat so much salad though >_<. I had to find a natural premade dressing to use because the ones we can make in the guide are too vinegary for my taste and it makes the salads harder to choke down.

My digestion is settling down now as well since Detox is done with and we are on to taking the Revitalize probiotic supplements which is a great relief. I don’t feel at all bloated or uncomfortable in my stomach anymore. In fact, my pants are fitting looser now! 😀

I was reading at the end of the guide last night about transitioning back after the cleanse to other foods and I was surprised at how long they suggest taking to go back to meats…3-4 weeks! I reeeeaaaallllyyyy want some Salmon!!! But I think I will take it slowly as suggested. Especially since I’ve read a few people saying the first few times they ate meat again it upset their stomachs. I’m not sure I will wait a whole month to try eating seafood or eggs, but I will be careful with chicken and red meat.